Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges are under constant pressure to ensure that it not only has a duty of care to provide a safe environment, it is also responsible for meeting statutory maintenance requirements and nurture a feeling of warmth and professionalism to all who enter the school. That is why HGH work within the educational field.

We provide a bespoke service to schools and have successfully completed redecoration projects – where we have not only improved the environment but recreated logos onto walls to further project the ethos of the school. We have also provided schools with direction on premises checks, carrying out Statutory Requirements and creating maintenance plans to further ease the burden on Head teachers and Governors.

Through site survey we have highlighted health and safety issues in all main utility areas – electrical, plumbing and building and ensured the schools and colleges are au fait with safe working practices. We have also developed small building projects that have further enhanced the environment of the school.

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