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Please find listed below a list showing the specific comments consumers have made about their experiences whilst working with HGH Limited.

HGH Limited arrived on time, kept me informed of progress, did a professional clean job and offered advice on other aspects of home maintenance.
J Edmonds

This  company can be thoroughly recommended. Very courteous and very efficient.
S Parsons

HGH Limited were honest and did exactly what " it said on the tin ". I was very pleased with the whole job from start to finish. " 5 star " from me.
I Johnson

HGH Limited did the work within the time - kept to the budget. Always helpful. Did work as requested. Very professional and that makes a welcome change.
K Ingram

Should you require any further proof that these comments are legitimate, Milton Keynes Trading Standards Department retain ALL original feedback forms and these can be made available upon request from Milton Keynes Council Civic Offices.